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So what if Mina Harker looks exactly like your ex? This version of Dracula does care about Mina, but that love quickly turns dark when he doesn't get his way. Has there ever been a vampire that was more two-faced than David from The Lost Boys? Aries: Count Orlok. The Top Bear Stearns Employees. Taurus: Gary Oldman's Dracula. The Best Laura Morante Movies. Gemini: David.

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Your high expectations create a lot of tension and irritability for you. Sometimes you believe that other people are trying to limit you, when the truth is that you are subconsciously drawing in these negative situations to teach you that you must practice tolerance and ease up on yourself and other people. The intent of your tribulations is to show you that you do not need to take life so seriously. Substance abuse may also be prevalent and must be watched for or it can destroy you. The mundane ins and outs of the daily routine bore you and you crave a way to be a part of a fantastical enterprise, where you can couple idealism with your imaginative mind.

If you are not able to find an outlet for this, you will be unable to discipline yourself to perform the duties that you are responsible for. Others depend on you yet you often disappoint them. This causes people to view you negatively and disassociate themselves from you in the future. It might prove challenging for you to decipher what is real from what is not; living half-way in a dream-like state is typical for you. It is imperative that you find a way to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground or you will sink. Perhaps you do not feel at home here in the physical realm and are more comfortable in the spiritual one, but you are here now and must do your best to gain wisdom from the situations you encounter.

All of us exist in this world for that very reason and you are no exception. Instead of being lost in the fantasy, pay attention and do what you need to. If you are able to focus and discipline yourself, you just might be able to achieve the fantasy you so strive for. A pyramid was not built in a day, and neither is the kind of life that you dream of.

March 21 Zodiac is Aries - Full Horoscope Personality

Artistic and creative ventures will allow you to express the pent up feelings you harbour deep down from all of the responsibilities that drag you down in daily life. Your imaginative abilities can create something truly epic, if only you can keep yourself centred in reality and restrain yourself enough to work practically until your vision is realised. Selfish endeavours are not appealing to you and you would rather devote your time to something that will be beneficial on a grand scale; this will give you a sense of purpose.

Climbing the social or corporate ladder may not be for you as you do not possess the qualities competitive, confrontational qualities that often drive others to the top. There is also a habit of deeming yourself either far more capable than you are, or undervaluing yourself. Deceit and delusion are themes in your life, whether they come from other people, or from your own insecurities. People may try to take advantage of your helpful and caring nature, so be mindful that you do not fall prey to every John that tells you a sad tale. Keep in mind that although it would be amazing if you could protect the world from evil all on your own, it is highly unlikely; you can, however, look out for yourself, which will take a lot of effort as it is.

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You tend to become overly dependent in your romantic involvements or your partner may be overly dependent on you, and there is a likelihood of either sacrificing too much of yourself to somehow save them or to go the other extreme and act as though they are victimising you. However, it is imperative that you comprehend that when a partnership is not equal, it is not a partnership at all and will not succeed in the end. This placement can intensify abrasive, sensory, rash, irritable, demanding, and indulgent traits as well as verbal and physical dramaticism.

You often follow whichever path your desires steer you towards. Spirituality for you may either go towards being very devoted to your religion, or the exact opposite route, Atheism. However, you seem to embody a bit of a chaotic nature and must learn self-restraint. You are gifted but are not confident in your capabilities and question whether you are worthy. Your insecurities are masking reality and you need to start believing in yourself.

Your lesson is to overcome whatever is keeping you from developing the self-confidence you need to succeed in the areas that you are most talented. Try not to let failing at something deter you from trying again; everyone makes mistakes and this does not make you any less worthy or capable. Keep Trying.

58 Best Astrology images | Birth chart, Christmas christmas, Astrology chart

When you are feeling insecure, you will start blaming others for your mistakes until you believe the lies yourself. However, what is true never stays hidden for long and in the end when it comes out, you will experience depression; best to be upfront. You should look at each failed attempt as a way to learn and grow, to become stronger and more capable in the future. Your disappointments will aid you in developing self-discipline and a higher spirituality, as will displaying selfless acts of kindness towards others. Use caution with others as they may not be the person they project themselves as.

It is possible that hidden adversaries from a previous life will turn up in this one to administer the karma you deserve. Though you may be tempted, try to keep from participating in unwholesome mystical practices, calling on dark spirits, and similar endeavours. Deep down you feel a strong pull towards being completely genuine and truthful towards other people and your own self. You are hopeful, idealistic, and imaginative.

Gary Oldman & Greta Gerwig Are Familiar with Bad Reviews

The notions that come into your mind are often on a grand scale. At times you may find yourself unable to follow through on the promises you have made, due to being overly positive about your capabilities or the circumstances at hand. You are talented in sales and advertising. Aiding others is something you strive for, though people may abuse your good-will as your emotions can run high and you may too easily empathise with someone who is down on their luck.

The Oscar 2018 – Askganesha

You feel that humanity is connected as a whole and what affects one person, affects the entirety. Benefits come to you from unknown places though they may also be lost by deception, rumours, or indulgence. Staying positive regardless of the circumstances is natural to you, though be sure to keep grounded. You have a strong belief that upcoming situations will be for the best, but you must be mindful to stay practical and not falsely believe the circumstances are more glorious than they really are. You are giving, compassionate, and caring, and are likely to feel a pull towards the spiritual realm.

You are highly moral by nature and this draws people to you. Coordinating others comes easily to you as does strategy. It is likely that you will transform any group that you lead.

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Your past life bestowed you with acceptance towards others beliefs and values, you are humble in your approach. You quickly decipher what is morally correct and what is not, lending to an ability to thoroughly comprehend when a transformation is in order. Insightful and giving, you have a gift for seeing to the truth of the matter and read people and circumstances accurately and swiftly. You are also particularly empathetic towards others and the troubles they encounter.

Competing with others is enjoyable for you and you tend to win using your confidence and intuition. Your strong will has allowed you to learn self-discipline, creating a force that permits you to rise to truly powerful positions.

Your physical health is amazing as you heal easily and have endless amounts of energy. However, it is important that you are able to keep active physically or this immense energy of yours will turn destructive. Every effort is made on your part to achieve success in an honourable fashion. You are likely to be a good leader and have a talent for administrating.

Planetary Row

Hard-working, courageous, and assertive, you gain the admiration of others and will champion for them if they are being unjustly treated. Others may need to watch out when you become angry as this can happen rather suddenly and the process can destroy everything around you. Inwardly you have a craving towards reforming old traditions whether or not these changes will be beneficial; you have a rebellious nature. There is a restlessness within you that causes you to be always on the move, looking for new adventures. Dangerous situations and risky ventures do not deter you and you may find these even more exciting for being so.

Often you are impatient and insist that you have your way the moment you decide on something. Many times you will follow your own course without thought to how it may affect anyone or anything else. Others may view you as selfish and arrogant.

Love and Compatibility for March 21 Zodiac

You have a tough time sticking to any course long-term as you are unsure what it is that you are actually trying to accomplish. Working as a team is difficult for you though it would be highly beneficial for you to develop a way to compromise with others. You communicate your wishes directly and perhaps at times bluntly; others are usually aware where they stand with you and what you are looking for. You require a great deal of independence to be able to do things as you see fit and if things do not go the way you envisioned, you can burst forth with anger; working for yourself or in solitude is probably best for you.

This placement insists that you develop a way to be patient with others and if you refuse to, fate will throw you into circumstances that will force your hand.