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But be rest assured, good news is likely by the month of August or September. Taking up a social cause is indicated for some, which may keep them gainfully employed. Marital life will remain without problems, but stars also advise to exercise control over what you say.

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Romance: Paucity of time and a busy life may have direct fallout on romance in the year Those looking for love may find it, but may not be able to continue it for long. The months of June, July and August appear favourable for those romantically inclined. An overseas trip or a trip out of town with lover cannot be ruled out. Lucky Number: 2.

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Opinions expressed by Dr. Sharma are very frank and clear. Lot of things told by him needs introspection. Dr Sharma Writes for. Today's Panchang.

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Astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma.

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Prem Kumar Sharma in the month of November for the first time though the reference of my aunt. Financially the day is likely to turn promising, as many opportunities come your way. Good planning on your part will help in avoiding obvious pitfalls in a project at work. Differing opinions amongst family members will need to be brought in sync. A sensitive issue on the social front is likely to be handled most tactfully by you.

You will be able to get rid of mental tensions. Diverting money into a fresh venture is possible and will prove advantageous in the long run. You manage to put an off mood family elder in a happy state.

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You may become part of an exciting trip and enjoy your heart out. At work, a revised deadline may put you under tremendous pressure. A property lying vacant may be rented out for far less than what you had expected. A legal issue can give you sleepless nights. Good health will keep you fit and energetic. Financial stability is foretold, but you may need to curb your extravagant lifestyle. You will be able to deal with issues that are distracting you from an important task on the professional front. Organising a function at home is likely to add to your popularity.

You may shift into a house that suits your requirement. Appreciation on the academic front for something you have achieved will keep your morale high. Strict dietary control is important, as bad health cannot be ruled out. Those thinking of buying a house or vehicle may find some hurdles in raising a loan.

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It may be difficult to find a helping hand on the domestic front, but you will manage somehow. Chances of getting selected for an appointment on the professional front look slim. Love Focus: Those not pulling along in a relationship must muster courage to face the reality and call a spade a spade. Issue of social acceptance can worry some, but there is no need to go too deep into it. Health will be satisfactory, as you remain regular in workouts.

Salaried persons can expect an increment or bonus. Your initiative to arrange a family get-together will prove enjoyable and help break the monotonous routine. A tiresome journey is likely for some. Additional work can be assigned to you on the professional front. Love Focus: Spending time with an old school time crush or childhood lover is likely for some.