Nepal earthquake prediction by astrology


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Some commuters took refuge in nearby shelters instead of going home.

Earthquake and Astrology

NHK public television showed dozens of men wearing ties and carrying briefcases sitting on gym mats at a junior high school gymnasium in Ibaraki city, where some families also gathered. Tokyo: Japan issued a tsunami advisory Tuesday after a strong 6. Officials immediately stopped bullet train services in the region as a precautionary measure, according to public broadcaster NHK, which also said around households were without power.

The meteorological agency said some waves were expected to have already reached some coastlines of Yamagata and Niigata, in the northwest of the country. Production Engg. PEC Ch. Predictions on Dot. The Security of the Head of the nation may also be at Risk due to Planetary positions Before I discuss the Enigmatic Full Moon chart of the 17thJune , Let me write the Planetary positions from the 14th June to 17th June since this Time frame is also very enigmatic.

Sun will conjoin with Mars Rahu too on the 15th June Saturn Ketu continues in super close conjunction all month, and then Mars gets debilitated ,and July is the month of Eclipses. So overall the planetary transits are tumultuous , venomous and volatile.

Psychic and Astrology World Predictions for 12222

Mercury will retrograde in Cancer later in July. This is a volatile, stressful and aggressive transit. We could see some areas of the world in crisis with unsettled politics and aggressive stances which can lead to negative consequences if those in power are not exercising caution and care. Mars and Rahu conjunction is considered as an Angaraak Yoga and Most Volatile as already mentioned by me in my Articles All of us need to be careful from 14 to 22 June as there are many planetary clashes and the planetary energy is disturbed immencely.

Mercury Affliction causes Earthquakes, Stock and the Financial Markets Volatality , Extreme weather conditions and Earthquakes with magnitude cannot be ruled out. Saturn with Rahu or in Kendra from each other it is opposed by Saturn and Ketu add fuel to the fire.

जोतिशी अर्जुन छेत्री लाईभ किन आय ? यसरी बताउछन्न भबिश्य हेर्नुहोस् -- Jotishi Arjun Chhetri Live

Mars and Rahu Conjunct. Presently they will be conjunct after 7th May to 22nd June 2. Saturn and Rahu conjunct or in Kendra from each other till 25th Jan.

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Saturn will remain with Ketu till this period 3. Conjunction or Opposition of Mars and Saturn.

35 Best Indian Astrology images in | Horoscope, Horoscopes, Vedic astrology

Affliction to Sun and Moon the life giving planets would nbe worst in this respect. Hence we can say that as per the foundation chart of the Country and the Full Moon Chart the significations of the 9th and the 8th house will be more predominant since the 8th Lord and Anter Dasha Lord is in Fallen Condition and aspects the Lagna in Transit from the 7th house of Wars. Astrology, Megalithic Sites, History and the astrogeographical typology of ther 12 zodiac….

The word Jungfrau…. Astrological Geomancy — what is it?

Raja sekar reddy oath taking chart

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