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DGA has given me the confidence to lead and an inclination to pursue a permanent career in governance and development. Cooperation with leading professors in international relations, development and security is contributing significantly to my development as a researcher.

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About The Divison of Global Affairs DGA , offering a Master's of Science degree and a Doctorate of Philosophy, is a multidisciplinary field concerned with theoretically informed, problem-oriented approaches to transitional issues and their interaction with local issues. Contact Admissions. Graduate Global Affairs, B. Global Affairs, M. Global Affairs, Ph. Former U. With this in mind we evaluated the feasibility of the administration of MIBG in radioaerosol form.

We first performed a chromatographic study on [I] MIBG aliquots aerosolized for variable lengths of time minutes. We then compared both the lung clearance curves and the scintigraphic images in two groups of normal subjects who respectively underwent [I] MIBG and 99mTc-DTPA radioaerosol dynamic scintigraphy. The mechanisms by which elevated HR increases mortality are not fully understood.

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To assess the relationship of baseline HR with clinical, neurohormonal and cardiac sympathetic activity in patients with chronic HF and elevated HR. This report refers to the baseline data of 16 initial patients. Baseline HR before randomization to one of the drugs was assessed, and patients were classified into two groups, with HR below or above mean values. Cardiac sympathetic activity was assessed by iodine-metaiodobenzylguanidine myocardial scintigraphy.

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Mean HR was These patients had lower 6-min walk distance Each of the four drugs caused a greater decrease in I MIBG concentration in the left atrium than in the left ventricle. Comparative studies using Hnorepinephrine are in progress.

Entex, a nasal decongestant containing both phenylephrine and phenylpropanolamine, markedly diminished the heart and salivary gland accumulation of I MIBG in a normal male volunteer. These preliminary studies suggest that commonly used sympathomimetic agents, including some over-the-counter preparations, decrease the accumulation of MIBG in adrenergic neurons. These results also suggest that patients should be carefully screened for drug usage prior to MIBG scintigraphy of the heart. The first acquisition was a single thallium study before MIBG administration ; the second and the third were early and late dual-isotope studies.

We compared the scatter-uncorrected and scatter-corrected TEW method thallium studies with the results of magnetic resonance imaging or transthoracic echography reference standard to diagnose myocardial necrosis.

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SRS and necrosis surface were significantly higher in the delayed thallium studies with scatter correction than without scatter correction, leading to less trigger zone diagnosis for the scatter-corrected studies. Compared with the scatter-uncorrected studies, the late thallium scatter-corrected studies provided the best diagnostic values for myocardial necrosis assessment. Background and Purpose I cardiac meta-iodobenzylguanidine MIBG , an analogue of norepinephrine, has been used to estimate myocardial sympathetic nerve function.

Integrated imaging using MRI and I metaiodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy to improve sensitivity and specificity in the diagnosis of pediatric neuroblastoma. The objectives of this study were to compare MRI and iodine I metaiodobenzylguanidine MIBG scintigraphy in the detection of neuroblastoma lesions in pediatric patients and to assess the additional value of combined imaging. Thirteen neuroblastoma metastases and two residual masses under treatment with chemotherapy were judged to be false-negative findings on MRI.

Two primary or residual neuroblastomas and one orbital metastasis were misinterpreted as Wilms' tumor, reactive changes after surgery, and rhabdomyosarcoma on MRI. Thirty-two bone metastases, six other neuroblastoma metastases, and one adrenal neuroblastoma showed no MIBG uptake. On combined imaging, one false-negative bone metastasis and three false-positive two ganglioneuromas and one pheochromocytoma findings remained.

In the assessment of neuroblastoma lesions in pediatric patients, MRI showed a higher sensitivity and MIBG scintigraphy a higher specificity. However, integrated imaging showed an increase in both sensitivity and specificity. New semi-quantitative I- MIBG estimation method compared with scoring system in follow-up of advanced neuroblastoma: utility of total MIBG retention ratio versus scoring method. The purpose of this study is to evaluate a new semi-quantitative estimation method using I- MIBG retention ratio to assess response to chemotherapy for advanced neuroblastoma.

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TMRR could be a useful semi-quantitative method for estimating early response to chemotherapy of advanced neuroblastoma because of its high correlation with urine catecholamine metabolites. Sympathomimetic effects of MIBG : comparison with tyramine. Because nothing is known about whether metaiodobenzylguanidine MIBG has tyramine-like actions, the sympathomimetic effects of MIBG were determined in the isolated rabbit heart and compared with those of tyramine. The Ki of MIBG for inhibition of the 3H-catecholamine uptake mediated by the vesicular monoamine transporter was determined in membrane vesicles obtained from bovine chromaffin granules and compared with the previously reported Ki value for tyramine determined under identical experimental conditions.

By producing increases in heart rate and norepinephrine overflow, both compounds had dose-dependent sympathomimetic effects in the rabbit heart. Tyramine also caused increases in dopamine overflow, whereas MIBG was a poor dopamine releaser. At a dose of 10 micromol, the increase in heart rate lasted more than 60 min after MIBG and about 20 min after tyramine injection. Accordingly, the norepinephrine overflow caused by 10 micromol MIBG and tyramine declined with half-lives of MIBG myocardial scintigraphy might be a promising method for evaluating left ventricular recovery in post-MI patients.

Nebivolol is a beta-blocker with vasodilating properties. Twenty-five patients underwent I- MIBG scintigraphy to determine the washout rate and early and late heart-to-mediastinum ratios. After the initial evaluation, we divided our cohort into control and intervention groups. We then started nebivolol and repeated the tests after 3 months. After treatment, the intervention group showed improvement in rest SBP mmHg [ The lack of effect on adrenergic activity may be the cause of the lack of effect on functional capacity.

After radiopharmaceutical injection, a heightened I- MIBG concentration is frequently observed in the left hepatic lobe compared to the right one, but the reason of this finding remains unknown. Twenty-seven examinations were positive for hypermetabolic lesions while the remaining 67 were negative. The reason of this metabolic is not yet explained and some biomolecular hypotheses could be tested in 3D dynamic in vitro models.

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Cardiac sympathetic innervation assessed with I- MIBG retains prognostic utility in diabetic patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction evaluated for primary prevention implantable cardioverter-defibrillator. Scintigraphy with iodinemetaiodobenzylguanidine I- MIBG is a non-invasive tool for the assessment of cardiac sympathetic innervation CSI that has proven to be an independent predictor of survival. Recent studies have shown that diabetic patients with heart failure HF have a higher deterioration in CSI.

A Cox proportional hazards multivariate analysis was used to determine the influence of I- MIBG images for prediction of cardiac events in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients. The primary end-point was a composite of arrhythmic event, cardiac death, or admission due to HF. During a mean follow-up of Late HMR was significantly lower in diabetic patients 1. In-house preparation of iodine metaiodo benzyl guanidine for scintigraphy of neuroendocrine tumors. Fourteen years experience in South India.

As the commercially available radiopharmaceutical was very expensive, we developed an in-house method of labeling MIBG with I in We report our experience over these 14 years of preparation of this tracer in our hospital radiopharmacy, for the scintigraphy of NET. The technique of preparation is simple and the labeled product was found to be of acceptable quality. With the routine availability and cost effectiveness, the utilization of this radiopharmaceutical for scintigraphy increased remarkably in our institution.

The importance of accurate and early diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies DLB lies in its pharmacological management. The aim of this study was to assess the utility of early imaging of cardiac I- MIBG scintigraphy for differentiating DLB from others neurodegenerative disease with cognitive impairment. We assess retrospectively patients 51 men, mean age 78 years with cognitive impairment that underwent a cardiac I- MIBG study.


Planar images were acquired in anterior view of the thorax 15min early and 4h delayed after tracer administration. After four years, 52 patients were diagnosed of DLB. For clinical application, radioiodinated MIBG is prepared through isotopic exchange method, which includes replacement of radioactive iodine in a nucleophilic substitution reaction with cold iodine I.

In this study the preparation of MIBG through different methods were evaluated and a new method, which is one step, simple and cost-effective is introduced. The method has ability to be scaled up for production of unlabelled MIBG. The S1 guideline for lung scintigraphy has been updated and extended in order to emphasize the advantages oft the method in detecting acute pulmonary embolism PE in the periphery oft the lung subsegmental PE , in underlying subacute and chronic pulmonary disorders, as well as in detecting chronic LE CTEPH.

In case of a change in the therapeutic approach observation only instead of anticoaculation the threshold can be omitted. New data concerning the clinical and therapeutical impact of subsegmental PE are included, the chapters open questions have been extented. Schattauer GmbH. Effect of specific activity on cardiac uptake of iodine MIBG. Radioiodinated meta-iodobenzylguanidine MIBG , an analog of norepinephrine, has been used to assess myocardial sympathetic innervation.

http://objectifcoaching.com/components/columbiana/site-de-rencontre-indien-pakistanais.php Recent in vivo studies predict enhanced cardiac uptake of this radiopharmaceutical with high specific activity. Although this ratio is useful for distinguishing LBD from non-LBD, it fluctuates depending on the system performance of the gamma cameras.

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Therefore, a new, simple quantification method using I- MIBG uptake analysis is required for clinical study. The purpose of this study was to develop a new uptake index with a simple protocol to determine I- MIBG uptake on planar images. Results: Forty-eight patients underwent I- MIBG chest angiography and planar imaging, after clinical feature assessment and tracer injection.